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I've got the optimization expertise.
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Hi, I'm Luke! I'm smart, friendly, reliable, and far more three dimensional in real life.

Nice to meet you

I'm Luke Stevens, your friendly, reliable analytics and optimization consultant.

I'm here to help you measurably improve your business by improving your web site so you get more sales, leads, pageviews, or sign ups. I do that using the Google Analytics data you've already got, along with my many years of design and writing expertise. Specifically, I can:

  • Help you think strategically about optimizing your site and business.
  • Improve your conversion rate (CRO), revenue, or engagement metrics.
  • Analyze your Google Analytics implementation and data.
  • Help you crystallize your message and value proposition.
  • Diagnose UX issues, from sign up forms to responsive mobile sites.
  • A/B test your sign up flow, check out funnel, and much more.
  • Work with your team or operate independently—it's up to you.

Scroll down to learn about my process. It starts with journey planning.

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Let me put together a clear road map for our optimization journey.

1 Journey Planning

Optimizing a site starts with a plan to thoroughly understand its current performance, and then do more of what works based on that understanding. Therefore I start by getting to know your business, and coming up with a plan for our optimization journey. This usually involves:

  • An in-depth Skype discussion about your site and business.
    We'll discuss your goals, site performance, and opportunities.
  • A web site review and brief road map report.
    I look for the highest-priority opportunities for optimization on your site, and how we might explore these opportunities further.
  • A detailed, tailored questionnaire.
    I'll ask you as many questions as I can think of about what has and hasn't worked for you. You're the expert on your business, and I want to learn as much as possible. (Seriously, I'll ask a lot of questions.)

This is a great place to start especially if you're unsure what to optimize.

Next, I delve into your Google Analytics data to understand your users.

A flat icon of a report

I'll turn your Google Analytics data into concise, actionable advice.

2 Google Analytics Report

Understanding your Google Analytics data is one of the best ways to understand how your site and your users are performing—especially your most profitable segments. I dive in deep and report back to you, by:

  • Turning your data into a clear, actionable design brief.
    I use your Google Analytics data to zero-in on optimization opportunities.
  • Identify the metrics that matter to you.
    Not sure what you should be optimizing? You're in luck—I'm really good at organizing your data and identifying what matters for your business, be it a specific conversion rate, entire funnel, or overall revenue.
  • Giving you a report you can use
    You get a PDF and Google Docs report with the results of my deep analytics dive, complete with identified issues and concrete, step-by-step ideas for improvement. Share it around; add your comments; and use it as the foundation of your optimization strategy, either with me or your own team.

Next, I set up reports to keep you focused and on track.

A flat icon of a task list

I distill my findings into a task list in Trello to keep us organized and focused.

3 Tasks & Follow-up

A report without action is a waste of time. Therefore I make your next steps as easy as possible by:

  • Outlining tasks in a lightweight project management app.
    I set you up with tasks in Trello (a free, popular, lightweight task management tool) or I can use your tool of choice (e.g. Basecamp).
  • Tie each task to a measurable outcome.
    Each task is essentially a hypothesis that aims to improve a measurable outcome. By describing exactly how we measure success, we can stay focused on moving the needle.
  • Organizing regular follow-up
    I can check in at regular intervals as required to help you stay on track executing the ideas that will measurably improve your business.

Finally, I help set up reports to help you stay focused on your metrics.

A flat icon of a dashboard

I'll keep you on track with regular, tailored Google Analytics reports.

4 Dashboard & Reports

Your biggest enemy is business inertia. Stop drifting and stay focused with regular reports on your traffic, revenue, conversion rates, and more.

  • Clear, laser-focused reporting tailored to your site.
    I can set you up with regular reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly—whatever you require) using an excellent 3rd party reporting tool. Includes your Google Analytics data, and optionally AdWords and Search Analytics data too.
  • Reports made by a human, for other humans
    Too many reports are machine-driven data-pukes which look like they're meant to be read by another machine. I know you're busy, so I hand-customize each report to match the tasks and success metrics we've identified, with clear, straight-forward explanations.
  • Personalized Google Analytics dashboards and reports.
    Need to zero-in on a certain data set within Google Analytics? I know Google Analytics' data structure inside out, so I can happily set you up with a custom report or dashboard to cover exactly what you want to know.

Sound good? Let's chat about working together on your next project.

Work with me

If any (or all!) of the above sounds good, then let's chat about your Google Analytics needs and taking your web site's performance to the next level. See a previous client's kind words opposite for an idea of what you can expect.

Got an existing team? Great! I encourage you to take my Google Analytics report back to your agency or in-house team.

Need someone to do it all? Let's see what I can do for you.

Let's chat about using your Google Analytics data to improve your web site Analytics, optimization, A/B testing, and/or reporting—let's chat!

From our first meeting, it quickly became obvious to me that Luke was a genuine expert in web analytics. His interviews were incisive and thoughtful.

The reports he delivered were not only thorough and complete, they were also easy to understand and brimming with actionable insights and recommendations.

Luke is always kind, intelligent, professional and a real pleasure to work with. More importantly, he also demonstrates a keen sense of business—a factor that makes him an ideal choice for what he does.

—Dr Mike Sagman, Dogfoodadvisor.com